Information for English speakers

The Method

Systemic Therapy, also known as Family Therapy or Systemic Treatment is a psychotherapeutical method. It addresses the client as a person in relevant relationships and deals with interactional patterns and dynamics rather than with past causes of problems or diagnoses of ill health.

It is not the therapist who holds the power of change but the client. The therapist’s role is to evoke changes in behavioral patterns in the way systems (groups of people, such as families, couples, parents and children, fellow workers etc.) are operating by talking about them and using creative methods.

The Therapist

I am a German native speaker with experience in English, also as an EFL teacher (English as a second language). I was born in Ried in 1973, have lived and worked in Linz, the U.K., New York City and Vienna. I am a mother of two sons (born 2002 and 2007). Currently, I am working as a psychotherapist in my private practice in Ried and at the health center PROGES in Ried.

My credo: I believe firmly in the ability of my clients to change and in my own personal potential to help my clients to change and improve their situation.


You can contact me by e-mail or telephone+43 664 1240744. I can then answer your questions and if you wish we can make a first appointment.